I am a professional Equity broker turned equity trader. I am mostly a positional trader and refer to daily and weekly timelines. I sometimes dive into 60 minute charts for entry and exits too! I have lived in UK for 5 years and got my masters degree in finance.

You will find me mostly in the Gym in the mornings or playing football. I would be either trading equities or reading a good ol’ book on my kindle. P.S. I like reading non-fiction! I am big time into personal development and believe everyone should too!

An absolute love for travelling and experiencing new things have got me into the trading business. So if I am not at office, I would be travelling to new places.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at abhishek.bubna@gmail.com and ping me for any kind of advice! The best way to live would be a healthy, wealthy and wise life and I believe my stories could help you achieve that.

You can also get in touch with me through my social media sites.