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A little about me

Hi, I am Abhishek Bubna and I am grateful for your time here.

I have studied in a boarding school throughout childhood. I was a sportsman and have played various sports at state level in school. I was a science student and was above average in academics. Upon graduating from school, I went to UK to spend the next 5 years finishing my undergraduate and my masters degree. Those five years taught me not to take life seriously. My family and me are very close and upon completion of  my degrees, I decided to come back to my family in India after a long 12 years wait.

I was a B.Sc. Mathematician and holder of a masters in science (finance). Immediately on return, I wanted to go big so I started an equity broking firm.

This experience has been a little disappointing for me although every experience does teach us a lesson. My running that company was more about creating clients for brokerages rather providing them with any value. I was not happy about it and I started learning how to trade. I got myself a mentor. I read his books and then later in the years to come, I expressed my gratitude to him for all the lessons he taught me consciously and unconsciously. 

How did I start

I started trading in 2009 and quit my business in 2012 to trade full time. In my 5th year I traded and was making north of 10% a month.

Soon, I started showing my system to the younger guys and girls who wanted to trade for a living. They ended up inspiring me to create a course which is my system that I follow till date.

My mission is to help 1,00,000 people to learn how to invest in equities and trade for a living luxurious and abundance living.

I am a spiritual, grounded and a minimalistic person and I believe in integrity. My actions are always in line with my words.

I am very happy that you are here and if you are someone who can resonate with me and my values, do drop in a line. Follow me on facebooklinkedinyoutube and instagram.

I wish you abundance of happiness and wealth.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stay well,


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

Me with Dr. Alexander Elder