Devyanshu Mahajan

It’s very rare to find someone who works super hard to make others successful. This is what I would like to say about Mr. Abhishek Bubna. He himself is a phenomenal trader, with a lot of knowledge about the markets and finance in general. And above all to me he is my mentor, friend and a big brother to whom I look upto when I face any doubt regarding trading or life in general. He is among the most positive and inspiring human beings I have met.


Prashant Bhiwaniwala

He is just the best mentor one can have in his life. The most important thing about him he cares for your success and is just a call away to help you, guide you in your career spanning Financial Markets. After taking up the Ultimate Trading Strategy, I can say that I can take a trade more confidently without fearing about triggering stop losses

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Hari Harlalka

Have been working with him since the past 7-8 months. The way things are going has been extremely productive and phenomenal. He has a unique way of mentoring and his work speaks for itself. From designing a trading system to handholding an individual onto the path of success, he possess the perfect blend of an excellent mentor. Spiritual and a fitness enthusiast, he works day in day out with a passion to help young people become financially independent. Simplifying the charts and explaining things in a simpler manner is his forte. Abhishek Bubna is the one to learn trading from in the stock market.

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Ritesh Bhartia

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” -Anthony Robbins The right time to learn technical analysis is now and whats much more important is the person whom you get mentored from… I got mentored from Abhishek Bubna and its hard to believe but there will be wonders when you trust this strategy.. Just few key points here and there and then the magic happens.. You would feel like a wizard.. Highly Recommended!!

rohit das

Rohit Das

“This is a stupendous combination of great work being produced by an amazing personality”


Lilia Zhivkova

“Quite an insightful summary of trading practices, written in a beautiful and engaging tone. Abhishek is a friend and a former colleague and I celebrate his great personal achievements! Well done, Abhi”


Manish Madhukar

“Discipline and simplicity! And both these qualities are clearly reflected in this book. Such simple writing which is a boon for dummies and yet it is not just a beginner’s book. Takes us through pretty serious stuff in a manner which is friendly and gives you confidence that you are ready to tame the bull. Waiting for more from his stable”

ayush G

Ayush Gupta

“Personally after learning the trading system provided here Im shocked by how it has made complicated analysis seem so simple and efficient!
Been a while Ive been backtesting the strategies given here in this book and the results have been amazing.

Abhishek sir has been a great mentor to me. His passion, discipline and drive has inspired me to become a full time Technical Analyst. His knowledge and trading strategies have moulded my perception on looking at a chart from a different POV.

Highly recommend this to any budding Analyst, investors, traders trading in equity/commodity/forex, and anyone who wants to learn about techincals and make money from the Exchange market its one book you’ve got to read”


Kirti Zala

“For following passion, putting that into the practice and sharing that knowledge in a simpler way for larger audience”

patty g

Patty Guzman Tordoya

“I met him, some years ago and he told me about his dreams and aspirations, his book was one of those ….
Now is a reality! He took the action.
I am glad that I could meet this human being!
He is amazing and my inspiration!”