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Why is it so important to exercise?

It is very important to workout or exercise everyday. I prefer mornings and I think it is the best time to finish your workout but if you are not an early riser, exercising any time of the day is acceptable. Just DO IT!

Here are few benefits of putting an exercise routine in your schedule:

  1. It reduces your body fat
  2. Exercising helps in strengthening your muscles
  3. It maintains your focus through out the day
  4. It gives you confidence
  5. you will end up having an excellent body posture
  6. People who exercise have a lesser chance of heart problems
  7. They have stronger immunity to bacterial and viral infections
  8. It helps you take in more oxygen
  9. It will result in you having more H20 (water)
  10. It helps destress
  11. It helps in better metabolism

And so much more.

We should always, always give exercising priority. Then for people who actually cannot and have so much to do during the day, the best things to do is to finish your work out in the morning and be done with it. Now you have your entire day to whatever is on your priority list!

Excuses are easily made, most of us are blessed with a completely healthy body, please take care of it and do not abuse it!

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